Bitcoin Info

Technology today is advancing and it's taking us to places we never thought we could reach. One of these places is what can be called the internet of money. Bitcoin is one thing that has been trending all over the internet with many people saying it is safe and secure and might be one of the most reliable ways to shop online. So what is bitcoin and how does it work?

Bitcoin is a worldwide digital paying system and cryptocurrency which is called the first decentralized currency. Cryptocurrency is some kind of digital asset created to work as a means of exchange using cryptography to control the design of additional units of the currency and also to secure the transactions. Bitcoin is also categorized as virtual currency and it was invented by an unknown group of people under a name Satoshi Nakamoto, and in 2009 it was released ass open source software.

Bitcoin is safe and secure because it uses a system that works without a single administrator or a central repository. Since it is one of the many mediums of exchange online, you can freely use it to buy cannabis from the green smoke room, or you can buy any of our other products like bongs and other smoking accessories. What makes bitcoin safe for use over the internet is because it has a peer to peer system and the transactions take place between the users directly without any intermediary.

Bitcoins are designed as a reward for mining and can be exchanged for other currencies, as well as products and services and it can also be held as an investment. Research done by Cambridge University earlier this year showed that there are 2.9 to 5.8 million unique users using cryptocurrency and most of them are using bitcoin.

Next time you want to do your cannabis shopping online and you need a safe and secure means of payment; bitcoin will help you out. The internet is never 100% safe when it comes to currency, but bitcoin is changing how shopping is done and redefining safe and secure online shopping.