Accompany the Green Smoke Room (GSR) cannabis with a Gas Mask Bong for R500 only. The device is so cool, especially when you want to inhale without wasting a hit. Here are a few things you must consider while buying a bong;

The environment in which you will use the bong.

How often you will use it; it is twice a week, three times a day or once a month.

Will you be sharing the device or is it for personal use?

What kind of device are you looking for?

Is it your first bong?

And will you be cleaning it often?

Buying a bong does not include picking up the coolest item from any smoke store shelf you come across. Some of these bongs require frequent maintenance and cleaning is a must for the regularly used devices. More important, it would be highly irresponsible on your part to purchase a bong just because it’s colorful and tall. Chances are, the device is too big for your lung capacity and you will not be satisfied. With the Gas mask Bong from GSR, you will fill the glass chamber with smoke and draw out a solid hit which is less exhausting. Also, if the chamber is too big to clear the smoke, your second hit will come with a nasty flavor; courtesy of the un-fresh smoke left from the first draw. Even with the best bong from South Africa’s finest, GSR, the Gas Mask Bong has a glass chamber that’s very fragile. The same case applies for the numerous Glass Bong designs in the market; the smaller the device the better. That way you can spare a small space for storage and you have an easier time handling it.

Most items once bought cannot be returned, so, GSR team handles all fragile items carefully and if it is meant to reach clients in package form, proper precautions are taken to ensure the item arrives untouched and in one peace. Remember, our customer services are there to help you get your first experience. Do not attempt to use any Bong without prior knowledge or without an experienced person to take you through proper procedures. However, these items come in various colors and designs. Some of them carry an attractive appeal that leaves your interior décor exquisite. There is a perfect bong for you and Green Smoke Room is here to ensure you find it.

Gas Mask Bong

Gas Mask Bong

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