Scales are very important in the pot industry just like they are in every other market. However, consider the following before purchasing one;

  • Your reason for buying marijuana scale; is it for personal or commercial use?
  • The amount of product you are going to measure; is it big or small?
  • Your price range

Allow Green Smoke Room store to help you find the right scale for an affordable rate. With a variety of items on the shelves, one of them is calling out to you. For R1557.10, you have the pleasure of using the 10g/0.001g (1mg) seed scale. It is small in size, reliable and accurate enough to ensure you weigh your seeds in the right manner. The 50g/0.001(1mg) is a little bit bigger on a scale for measuring large amounts and it costs R1955. On top of that, there are various pocket scales at your disposal but each has its price and different features. For R795, you score yourself the Pocket Scale 230 Ipad and the Pocket Scale CD61 -200g/10mg looks more like a CD case until you open it while the Kitchen Scale goes for R315. The more you know about scales, the more you can tell one weed scale from another and have ample understanding of how a digital scale operates.

These weighing machines help you avoid selling clients more/less than intended and to get an affordable and quality scale, you need to find a reliable supplier. Green Smoke Room happens to be trusted in South Africa and will provide you with the right scale or recommendation in case they don’t have what you need; mechanical and digital scale. Electronic scales are recommended for their precision and speed while the mechanical one requires expertise for its readout. They all come in different sizes and designs. It would be practical for you to purchase the right one.

If you are looking to weigh your entire product at once, large scales are recommended but for personal use, pocket scales will be more reasonable. For maximum accuracy, avoid purchasing the hand scale because it will leave out a tenth of a gram. All in all, Green Store Room is here to help you with your choices. In cases where customers are unfamiliar with how complex scales work, our team is there to help. Learn with GSR - we LOVE to help!

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