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Bongalong™ customs
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This is a one of a kind Bong that was done by @Bobita_lilla one of our local South African up and coming urban artists.

Through the Bongalong™ Customs range we are not only giving you the chance to own a one of a kind Bongalong™, you also get to support up and coming local artists and we are making a direct link between Cannabis and “Culture”. This is the next step to achieving the Bongalong™ goal of elevating the status of Cannabis in society… Bongalong™ The Brand for Legalisation.

The art bongs have been coated with a protective layer but like all collectors products daily use can cause wear and tear on the art found on the Bongalongs.

do not wash your art bong with hot water, we recommend using the bongalong™ cleaning kit to wash your bong, however the best thing to do is to rinse it regularly with cold water as the Bongalong™ ceramic range is easy to clean.

Do not use any abrasive products on the outside of the art bong


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