Stealth Shipping

Stealth Shipping />

Stealth shipping is a guarantee given that your products will be delivered as fast as possible and with total discretion. Imagine you have bought some cannabis seeds from your vendor and you need them to be shipped to you. Your vendor promises you safe and fast shipping and with other added benefits but when you receive the package, you are shocked. The package you receive has marijuana illustrations all over and it is delivered in a suspicious package. This is the opposite of stealth shipping. You are even lucky the package was not nabbed by customs.

With stealth shipping, you are guaranteed that your product is safe first of all. If your goods are lost in transit, it entitles you to one free reship. If your products cannot be safe, then that is not stealth shipping. Stealth shipping is the only shipping that guarantees you a replacement of products if they are lost in transit. The company doing the shipping is entitled to package your seeds in the way they deem necessary to make them fit within their stealth packaging solutions or based on the destination. In stealth shipping, free reship only applies if the address you gave is correct and if the track and trace of the product shows that the package was not delivered or it was delivered to the wrong address from the one you gave us. If you provide an incorrect address and the product is not returned to the companies, issues about reshipping will arise. The same applies if the track and trace of the package show that it was delivered to the shipping address you provided.

What is important to note is stealth shipping is fast and safe shipping. If you do not apply for stealth shipping guarantee, your product will not be replaced if lost in transit. Safe shipping contributes to the fast arrival of your package without tampering. In stealth shipping, the package is well concealed from prying eyes. Things like cannabis seeds are some of the products you need to get stealth shipping for. You don’t need anyone prying or knowing the contents of your package.